The following are a collection of tools, frameworks, and visual representations of concepts that I have created or collected over the years that can help our understanding of a topic and help us be more productive as teams and individuals.  New tools will continue to be added so check back regularly.

Leadership Tools and Frameworks

Talent Management:

Talent Management – A Players

Aligning Employee and Organizational Needs

Employee Relationship with Organization – Head, Heart, Soul

Talent – Performance Potential Grid

Effective Mentor Mentee Relationships

Talent Lifecycle

Decision Making:

Decision Making – Rational Decision Model

Principle Centered Decision Making

Pattern Recognition Impact on Decisions

4 Forces that Distorting  our Decisions


Trust – Stages and Development of Trust

Trust – Building Trust in New Relationships

Trust – Impact on Behaviors

Trust – Impact on Performance

Erosion of Trust Impact on Action

Distrust – Impact on Performance

Trust in Business

Risk Management:

Risk Assessment Matrix

Risk Response Options

Leadership Situations:

Leadership Styles

Leadership Behaviors Impact Performance

Leading in Times of Crisis

Personal Success Tools and Frameworks

Goal Setting:

Goal Setting – Values, Principles, and Core Ideology

Goal Setting – S.M.A.R.T Goals Worksheet and Questions

Goal Setting – S.M.A.R.T. Blank Template

Goal Setting – Learning Tools and Plan

Goal Achievement – Action Reward Process


Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

X Y Theory of Management


Emotional Highs, Lows, and Growth

Emotions Matrix – Stimulus, Physiological, and Survival Responses

Flow – Six Factors of the Flow Experience

Flow – Cognitive and Emotional Brains

Flow – Impact on Action, Effort, Reward Process

Cognitive vs Emotional Brains

Life Success:

Creating Balance in our Lives

Continuous Learning and Development

Continuous Learning – Learning Tools Plan

Learning – Brain Hemisphere Learning Styles

Learning Style and Brain Hemisphere Preference

4 Types of Learning



Facts Tell Stories Sell

Ben Franklin Close